1/4 Beef Reservation

1/4 Beef Reservation

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This listing is to put your deposit down for a 1/4 beef reservation from Indian Creek Market. The remaining cost will be due at the end of the week in January, when the beef animal is taken to the meat locker. The amount for the total listing is $2.50/pound hanging weight, PLUS the cost of butcher that you will owe to the locker at time of beef pickup. The beef will typically be ready for pickup after 3 weeks or so and processing fees due to the butcher will need to be paid at that time.

The animals ready for slaughter will most likely produce around 150 pounds of meat per quarter. This is an estimate. After paying Indian Creek Market for your beef and the butcher for processing, you will typically pay less than $6 per pound for all your beef. This can include ground beef, roasts, ribeye's, sirloins, soup bones etc.

When buying a 1/4 beef you are not getting just the hind end or just the front end. You get about 1/2 of each the front and hind ends. The butcher will separate the cuts according to what you choose at the time of slaughter. 

The current beef available will be heading to Pickrell Locker and Smokehouse in early January. 

As the customer, it is your responsibility to call the Locker and notify them of the cuts that you are wanting for your beef when the beef is dropped off for slaughter. We will notify you as a reminder to call when beef is dropped off and also after the beef is hung to collect the remaining beef purchase amount.  Pickrell Locker and Smokehouse: 402-673-3480

Please contact Dakota should you have any questions! 

402-806-3566 OR dakota@indiancreekmarket.com

**This listing is for your deposit only. The remaining amount due will need to be paid by the end of the week when the beef is dropped off at Pickrell Locker and Smokehouse. Your deposit is non-refundable but is put towards your final beef purchase amount from Indian Creek Market.

***For clarification purposes, when deciding to purchase beef from Indian Creek Farm Market you will have THREE payments total for the beef.

  • First is the listing as your deposit.
  • Second is your final payment to Indian Creek for the total hanging weight of the beef animal, minus your deposit.
  • Last is your payment to Pickrell Locker and Smokehouse for their processing of the animal.