The dreaming and planning during winter

When the warmer seasons come to a close, there is a shift. We shift more indoors, while still tending to the livestock and getting fresh air and sunshine daily. But with the darkness taking over most the evening, and sometimes below zero temps, there just isn't much time to do much else outside.

Frozen farm pond in Nebraska

Plus, who wants to try digging in frozen ground or blinking when their eyelashes turn to icicles? Not I. 

So, as we draw indoors earlier in the day, we take time to make warming foods. Foods that warm us from the insides and add a little extra energy to our tired bodies. We also take time to make, and dream, and plan.

Just the other day, Aspen (age 6) spent the afternoon cutting some flannel fabric out to make all sorts of pillows, blankets, and even pregnancy pillows for her baby dolls and Barbies. The next day we pulled the sewing machine out and I pushed the foot pedal while she gently guided her fabric through. Once something was sewn, Josephine would start stuffing it with a leftover bag of pillow stuffing from the closet. We enjoyed this slower pace to make. 

Six year old sewing pregnancy pillow for Barbie and baby dolls

And as for myself, I have been dreaming of everything I plan to grow and raise this coming spring, summer, and fall. Starting at our own home place. 

Two year old Stetson all bundled up to play outside in the snow. Two year old cowboy. Buffalo plaid toddler hat.

We have lived in our home, in town, for over twelve years now and we bought our farm the day before our wedding almost ten years ago. The plan has always been to move to the farm, but we have just not had the opportunity to make that happen yet. Since we never planned on staying in our home in town so long, I never really focused on the yard, other than my small vegetable garden. This year though... I am planning on a whole urban homestead/outdoor oasis in the backyard. We will be adding garden beds with materials we have collected or been given for free. I will be making walking paths, planting flowers, and designing little sitting areas with all the mismatched outdoor furniture that I have collected over the years. 

We plan on putting the kids swing set and the trampoline in the back and this will give my husband more area of grass to tend to in the front yard. Don't worry, more turf is his dream, HA! Not my dream, as I would rather grow food or flowers than grass, but he enjoys it :)

two year old Stetson playing outside in the snow at the farm. farmboy farm boy. farm baby

So, in all my winter days indoors I will have notebooks full of ideas, piles of seeds ready to get started, and lots of time to think about how I am going to bring all of this into fruition... on about the tightest budget possible. 

What are you planning and dreaming this winter?