On Sunday

This Sunday was not as productive as I had hoped but decent for a Sunday.

After church we noticed some guineas out the church nursery window so the kids went out to get a closer look. Stetson and another friend tried to sneak up on them. When they went behind the brush and fence, the friend snuck back and pushed them through. Right after I took the picture below, the guineas came FLYING out of the brush with the loudest sounds (they make quite the sound!) and made Stetson take off… half scared and half laughing in pure joy! Both boys thought it was hilarious afterwards. 

After a quick lunch the big boys headed to the neighbors to do some yard work while the rest of us went out to start some yard pickup and leaf raking. 
When the boys got back, Noah attempted to get on the ladder and clean the gutters but decided that was a little more nerve racking than he had thought it would be. 

We also put up the electric netting for the chickens. They have not behaved and stayed in their fenced area, and we have been dealing with predators so we knew we needed to up the security. We also piled some leaves and compost in their new area to give them something to do, and make compost for the spring garden. 

There is still more raking to be done, and the roof/gutters still need cleared, but we accomplished plenty for a Sunday. The big boys headed to basketball practice in the late afternoon while I made some roasted potatoes and sloppy joes. Brownies for dessert. 

Stetson found the stars at bedtime.