Free Range Summer Day Camp

We are so excited to announce that we will be hosting our very first Free Range Farm Summer Day Camp this year! One week of fun at the farm! 


This will be a one week summer camp for kids ages 6-12. If your child is over the age 12 but would enjoy volunteering as a camp counselor, please send an email to us at All meals would be provided for camp counselors, as well as a "thank you" gift at the end of camp. 

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We will enjoy all that the farm has to offer while mixing education, chores, and fun!

At Indian Creek Farm and Market we have many beef cattle, one dairy cow that we milk daily, a mini pony, a couple pigs, and plenty of chickens. Kids will come each morning ready to assist with the days chores, while learning how to safely care for each animal and what it takes to tend to each animal. We will practice safety and good hygiene around all animals, and on the entire farm. 


The gardens will be in full swing so children will get a chance to tend to the daily garden tasks as well. We will most likely have plenty to water, weed, plant and harvest. We plan on harvesting some of our snacks and lunch straight from the garden and working along side the children to prepare what the garden has to offer. 


The kids will have a chance to practice many different skills such as roping (dummy), fishing, composting, milking, food prep and cooking, gardening, bird watching, simple first aid, saddling a horse (pony), insect identification, etc. 


We will have plenty of (supervised) FREE RANGE farm time as well. We will swing above the creek, stomp in it and catch whatever frogs we can find. Children will be able to play plenty of outdoor games, climb hay bales, and collect natures gifts of rocks, feathers, sticks, leaves etc. We will include scavenger hunts, pond study, and whatever else the kids can imagine on 80 acres. 

Each morning will start with prayer, scripture and worship music. God has led us to share our farm with all of you, so we feel that worshipping Him as we come together is our thanksgiving to Him. 

We will end our week by asking parents, guardians, and siblings to join us Friday evening at pickup time for a Pot Luck supper, bonfire, smores and to hear about the children's experience for Free Range Summer Camp.

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What is included?

  • breakfast
  • 1 snack
  • lunch
  • filtered water
  • FUN

What will children need to bring?

  • sunscreen
  • water bottle
  • insect repellant 
  • any special diet needs
  • farm shoes
  • farm clothes
  • swim suit

    When is summer camp? 

    • July 12-16.
    • Camp hours will be 7:30am - 5:30pm, as it is a day camp only. 

    What will camp cost?

    • One full week of camp will be $200. If children will not be all 5 days, we would be happy negotiate prices. 
    • We will also reward 1 scholarship to a child who would really enjoy or benefit from our camp program, just reach out to us and let us know who you're interested in the scholarship for and why :)
    • If you would like to donate towards a camp spot so that we may offer more scholarships, we would LOVE to open up more spots with the help of good Samaritans ;) Please reach out to us if God has laid it on your heart to send a kid to camp

      How many spots are available?

      • Due to staffing and the fact that we are a working farm, we will have to limit the number of spots available to ensure the best safety measures are taken for both the children, animals, and adults. 
      • If you have a child over the age of 12 who would enjoy volunteering as a  camp counselor, we would LOVE for them to join us! All meals would be provided as well as a "thank you" gift at the end of the week. Having volunteer counselors would also allow us to open up the camp to more kids :)
      Registration NOW AVAILABLE