2020 CSA

We are getting ready to launch our first CSA shares! 

What is CSA?? This stands for Community Supported Agriculture. This typically means that the community supports the local farmer, that's us, to grown fresh food... for you guessed it, the community. Since the shareholder, that's you, pays up front for their share of the harvest, the farmer is able to purchase all seeds and supplies needed for the coming season ahead of time.

This also means that both parties share some of the risk that comes in the agriculture world. Bad germination for peas? Raccoon eats a majority of the sweet corn? The unfortunately those crops won't be or will only minimally be included during the season? Was it a great year for tomatoes or watermelon? The farmer will be sure in include the best of the best for the CSA members in their weekly share. 

Our first CSA season for 2020 will run for 13 weeks in June, July and August. With the option for delivery or pickup. 

Delivery will be Tuesdays between 4:00 and 5:30pm 

Pickup on the Farm will be Thursdays between 5:00 and 6:00pm

Our 2020 CSA share will contain 5-6 different produce items each week.

 An example of the 5-6 items you may get in the middle of the season would be: a couple cucumbers, a few large tomatoes or quart of cherry/grape tomatoes, 1 pound of green beans, bell pepper, small bag of potatoes, and a summer squash. 

If the shareholder chooses on farm pickup, they will have the option to "trade" some of their items with anything in our "Abundance Box".

The "Abundance Box" will be a box that holds anything that we harvested in abundance that week. Items in that box may be purchased in addition to your CSA pickup. 

We will also send out a weekly newsletter to update our members with how the crops are doing, some tasty recipes or tips for their produce, and first notice of when eggs, beef, or whole chicken sales will be happening. Basically, our CSA members are our VIP customers and we want to keep you in the know of what is happening around the farm!

If you're interested in our CSA this year, go to our "Shop" page to reserve your share, or just click over here. To pay by check or cash, you may also email us at sales@indiancreekmarket.com and we can email you the form and have you mail it back with your check or arrange a time to drop off with us at the farm or at home. We also have pre-printed forms on hand, Dakota would be happy to get a form to you in person. 

And please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions!

You can call or text Dakota at (402) 806-3566 or by email at info@indiancreekmarket.com